Moving On

True to his history, Mr.Four-Hour-Lunch promised to call two days in a row, never did, and I haven’t heard Boo from him since.

I’ve been talking to a local man that I met on Tinder. Things I like about him…he’s an involved father, he’s ambitious, so far he does what he says, he’s pro-active about his health and intelligent. Things I don’t like about him….I don’t believe everything he says, he’s a gym rat, he has sexist ideas, and he has a seven year old…

It’s nice to have the attention, and I don’t know where it will go. We’re supposed to have dinner this week.


Mr.Four Hour Lunch Circles Back

Mr. Four Hour Lunch sent me a Merry Christmas text the other day. It started a conversation, and we have been talking off and on ever since. He got a promotion at work, and isn’t working as much (we’ll see how true that is), and found a way to ask if I was seeing anyone. He said he’s only been on one date since he saw me, and that was more of a friend. We have plans to go to dinner and a movie next week. Of course, I am the one with no time now. I’m going to concentrate on finding a regular job so that I don’t have to be gone on the weekends. Wish me luck!