Too Much Love

A year and a half ago, when I moved into my apartment, I had no plants. I hadn’t had a plant in years. Now, I look forward to the one day a week that I can take care of my plants. Early on in my marriage I planted a flower box, which I quickly killed through over watering. I still overwater  plants to death sometimes, but now my apartment is brimming with healthy houseplants. I have learned to cut back on the water, and I also have figured out that certain types of plants work better for me. Houseplants that are hard to kill and require little light like Pothos, Snake Plants, Spider Plants and Philodendron grow well for me.Sometimes I pick up a new plant to try, and it dies. This used to bother me, but now I just see it as not a good fit. I’m not a bad gardener (clearly, since I have a wonderful pothos that trails halfway down my bookcase), and it isn’t a bad plant….we just aren’t compatible.I guess this is how I view relationships as well. The Musician and I are very compatible in many rudimentary ways. We speak the same love languages and so we make each other feel very loved. We aren’t so similar in other ways, but those things are not so important to me. Those things worry The Musician sometimes, but not me. I feed fed, loved,nourished, and connected. Views on politics or media preferences are really just extraneous to me.I don’t think we are in danger of over-watering, so all is well.


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