Rideshare Driving Sucks

Sometimes, my passengers have heard (from Uber commercials mostly) how much money you can make rideshare driving. They will say something about how much money I must be making, or what a great job it must be. Usually I try to keep it positive without out and out affirming….”I’m a student, so the flexibility is great for me…”  or something along those lines. More and more, I am edging toward the truth though. Rideshare driving is a crappy job. I’m ruining my car making minimum wage and not getting any of the benefits of being an employee. Yes, you can make decent money..
driving drunks around all hours of the night or if you have a nice enough car to work one of the high end platforms. I do neither of these. Today, I drove a man from near the happiest place on earth into the West side of the big city. His ride lasted an hour and fifteen minutes in  moderate traffic. I made just over $40 on that ride…and it took me three hours to get back home in Friday rush hour traffic. I had already been driving for over 7 hours at that point. Many of my rides net me under $5, and very few people tip. I do enjoy my passengers, and I like to drive, but a if I could find another way to make ends meet, I would. The navigation we use is so bad that it makes me want to cry. If you type in the name of the local airport, it takes you around back to the tower instead of the terminal. It routes behind a pin so that you end up on the other side of a culdesac, and today I had a request come in with no address- only a street name. What I make doing this is not worth the hassle of it, but I’m accustomed to eating.
If you use rideshare services, please don’t be cheap. Don’t wait out surge pricing, try to escape fees, or use a lower platform than what you need. Be civil to your driver….TIP your driver, and act like a human being instead of an animal.


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