Funny Story

Last night, The Musician had a gig with a band at a local bar. I went down to watch him play. I had decided to wear high heels- a rare occurrence for me. On one of the band’s breaks, The Musician and I were sitting and talking. I was sitting on a barstool with the heels of my shoes hooked onto the bottom rung on the barstool. The Musician decided that he wanted to dance and attempted to pull me onto the dance floor. His tug started my barstool toppling, but I couldn’t get my heels unhooked from the barstool rung to break my fall. It happened in slow motion for me, and I went down…barstool and all. It was such a strange series of events that led me to being on the barroom floor, that I was laughing too hard to get myself up very quickly. My knee is pretty bruised up, but The Musician felt worse about it than I did. Now I have a funny story about how he knocked me down…


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