The Accidental Meet

My kiddo is closer to 17 than 16, and smart as a whip. They’re aware when I’m involved with someone new, and also reserved enough not to say much about it. Yesterday, I had to drop them off at school to get on the bus to go to a dance competition an hour away. I had mentioned to them that my friend and I were going to the carnival after I dropped them off. I dropped them off and was strolling around the carnival with The Musician when I got a call from them. They had forgotten to have me sign a permission slip, and I needed to go back to the school to do so. I didn’t want to cancel on The Musician, and I didn’t want to leave him there alone, so I asked if he wanted to come with me. It didn’t take long to sign the form they needed, but it afforded an opportunity for The Musician to meet my Kiddo. I was planning on introducing them soon, but now that they have met he can spend time at my place when they are home. Being that I now have 100% custody of them, this will ease up a little bit of pressure with the dating. It’s always complicated with kids…


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