The L Word

Last night, The Musician and I joined some of my friends for karaoke at a local bar. It was a perfect night. I don’t sing, but when he sang, he was singing love songs to me. We danced all the slow songs, and he doted on me all night long. He sounded amazing singing, and I am more and more impressed the more I see him perform. My friends loved him, and can’t wait to get him to Karaoke again. Even the KJ was loving him. I hadn’t ever seen him so relaxed before, and it was a nice change. He has a confident stage presence that is impressive.

Today, we met for a quick lunch before his gig. He seemed a little quiet….that’s a side that I’m not used to yet. He is actually pretty shy when he’s not performing, which seems odd. We were sitting in my car talking after lunch. I must have said something funny because he chuckled and said he loved me through his laughter. That was the first time he said it, although he’s been holding it back for a few days. He didn’t want to say it and scare me, but it just slipped out. I hugged him, and then we both ignored it. I’m not ready to say it yet, but I do have strong feelings for him.


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