I Think I Have a Boyfriend…!

Last night, I was able to see The Musician’s band play. They were at a swanky yacht club where the crowd was loving them. They play mostly swing and rockabilly music…stuff that I love. The band was really swinging and the crowd was jumping. I had such a good time watching and listening to them. Seeing him in that environment was really interesting, and it deepened my affection for him. He’s very talented, and loves what he does.

I’ve never dated a musician, and I didn’t realize that when you’re “with the band” everyone wants to pry into your business…”which one is yours? who’s your husband? where are they from? how long have they been together? Come dance with us!”…. it felt like a lot of attention for an introvert, and I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

We still haven’t consummated our relationship, but he’s talking in very serious terms. He introduced me to his band mates as his girlfriend and has told his kids about me. I haven’t told my Kiddo yet, but I will soon. I look forward to having everything out in the open. Now that I have met the band, I want him to meet my friends.


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