Funny Story

Last night, The Musician had a gig with a band at a local bar. I went down to watch him play. I had decided to wear high heels- a rare occurrence for me. On one of the band’s breaks, The Musician and I were sitting and talking. I was sitting on a barstool with the heels of my shoes hooked onto the bottom rung on the barstool. The Musician decided that he wanted to dance and attempted to pull me onto the dance floor. His tug started my barstool toppling, but I couldn’t get my heels unhooked from the barstool rung to break my fall. It happened in slow motion for me, and I went down…barstool and all. It was such a strange series of events that led me to being on the barroom floor, that I was laughing too hard to get myself up very quickly. My knee is pretty bruised up, but The Musician felt worse about it than I did. Now I have a funny story about how he knocked me down…


This weekend, I am home. The Musician has been staying over most nights. We’re settling into routines. It’s less intense and more comfortable, and I like it. This morning, he had a rehearsal to get to. He left his overnight bag in my bedroom, the shirt and jacket he brought for his gig tonight in my closet, and his equipment in my garage. When I asked if he wanted to take his bag, he joked that he wanted to leave it here….as if he lived here. I don’t think it will really be much time before that’s the case. Not if I can manage a way to stay home instead of being gone most weekends. This glimpse of what it could be is motivation for me to make it happen…


Things with The Musician are going well…really well…L word and sleepovers kind of well. It’s sweet and intense and passionate and fun. I miss him before he even leaves, and all I want to do is be with him all day long.

It’s led to some problems getting everything done that needs to be. It’s difficult to focus on homework when he is always on my mind, and I’ve had to make choices about whether I spend time with him or the Kiddo sometimes. It’s difficult balancing everything, and I have hopes that it will get easier as things go along…


Last night, The Musician showed up with a little succulent for me in his hand. It was such a sweet gesture, and I really appreciate it. On our very first date (really, just a “meet”) he gave me a single red rose (which I have kept and dried). At a later point in time, he mentioned wanting to get me more roses. That shows his wildly romantic side, and I love and appreciate that. I sent him a little email saying that while I love and appreciate cut flowers, that I am trying to propagate my patio with succulents and those would be something that would have a much longer life and serve as a daily reminder of his sweet gift. This was the reason behind the little succulent he got me. I think he found it in the flower section of the grocery store, and it is an indoor variety…but still appreciated. It actually has several runners together in this little pot, and I could separate them out and fill several more pots from it…I love that!

The Accidental Meet

My kiddo is closer to 17 than 16, and smart as a whip. They’re aware when I’m involved with someone new, and also reserved enough not to say much about it. Yesterday, I had to drop them off at school to get on the bus to go to a dance competition an hour away. I had mentioned to them that my friend and I were going to the carnival after I dropped them off. I dropped them off and was strolling around the carnival with The Musician when I got a call from them. They had forgotten to have me sign a permission slip, and I needed to go back to the school to do so. I didn’t want to cancel on The Musician, and I didn’t want to leave him there alone, so I asked if he wanted to come with me. It didn’t take long to sign the form they needed, but it afforded an opportunity for The Musician to meet my Kiddo. I was planning on introducing them soon, but now that they have met he can spend time at my place when they are home. Being that I now have 100% custody of them, this will ease up a little bit of pressure with the dating. It’s always complicated with kids…

The L Word

Last night, The Musician and I joined some of my friends for karaoke at a local bar. It was a perfect night. I don’t sing, but when he sang, he was singing love songs to me. We danced all the slow songs, and he doted on me all night long. He sounded amazing singing, and I am more and more impressed the more I see him perform. My friends loved him, and can’t wait to get him to Karaoke again. Even the KJ was loving him. I hadn’t ever seen him so relaxed before, and it was a nice change. He has a confident stage presence that is impressive.

Today, we met for a quick lunch before his gig. He seemed a little quiet….that’s a side that I’m not used to yet. He is actually pretty shy when he’s not performing, which seems odd. We were sitting in my car talking after lunch. I must have said something funny because he chuckled and said he loved me through his laughter. That was the first time he said it, although he’s been holding it back for a few days. He didn’t want to say it and scare me, but it just slipped out. I hugged him, and then we both ignored it. I’m not ready to say it yet, but I do have strong feelings for him.

I Think I Have a Boyfriend…!

Last night, I was able to see The Musician’s band play. They were at a swanky yacht club where the crowd was loving them. They play mostly swing and rockabilly music…stuff that I love. The band was really swinging and the crowd was jumping. I had such a good time watching and listening to them. Seeing him in that environment was really interesting, and it deepened my affection for him. He’s very talented, and loves what he does.

I’ve never dated a musician, and I didn’t realize that when you’re “with the band” everyone wants to pry into your business…”which one is yours? who’s your husband? where are they from? how long have they been together? Come dance with us!”…. it felt like a lot of attention for an introvert, and I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

We still haven’t consummated our relationship, but he’s talking in very serious terms. He introduced me to his band mates as his girlfriend and has told his kids about me. I haven’t told my Kiddo yet, but I will soon. I look forward to having everything out in the open. Now that I have met the band, I want him to meet my friends.