Yesterday, I invited The Musician over for lunch. We had talked about watching Lost, so I que’d  that up on Netflix and cooked us a delicious lunch (to prove my cooking skills). Things with him are going swimmingly. He’s kind, considerate, caring, affectionate, sweet, smart, and interesting. He’s also totally Ga-Ga over me….which I find adorable.

I had been trying to take things slow on the physical side. We hadn’t even kissed. I know myself. I am a very sexual person, and physical intimacy tends to snowball for me because of it. I wanted to save that until we were ready…epic fail on that front. Things were going great, just some light snuggling on the couch as we watched TV, and then I got up for some reason and he pulled me back onto his lap with my back against him. He started running his hands along my body (very gently, and careful not to touch the private bits) and give out soft little moans of desire…

Oh my gawd! It was just too much for me. I got intensely turned on and ended up straddling him and making out. He’s a good kisser, and my desire rose. Finally, I said I thought we should go to the bedroom. He was surprised but happy. Unfortunately, I took him too much by surprise. He was too nervous…I was too intense. This is not the first time this has happened to me. O scare men. I surprise them. They don’t expect a nice girl like me to be a Tasmanian Devil in the bedroom. It’s too much, I overwhelm them.

I felt bad, he felt bad, and later that night we had our first “fight”….which is actually a good sign. Being able to resolve an issue is a good skill and we are both the better for understanding the others perspective. We had lunch and spent some time shopping yesterday. We’re looking forward to trying again next week, and I may be able to see his band play this weekend.


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