Last night was my dinner date with The Musician. We actually saw each other for a little while the night before. He was getting home late from a gig, and we met up at Denny’s for a bite. It was nice seeing him, but we were both very tired.
   Dinner was nice….very nice. We both got the same thing- a seasoned steak with avacado served in a bed of asparagus and roasted tomatoes. It was delicious, and something we could both eat (he eats paleo, and I have to avoid my GERD trigger foods). We had some good conversation, and after dinner we took a little walk around the craft store. He was surprised to hear that I can cook, and that I’m crafty. I was surprised that he is not, being that he is so musical.
   We ended up sitting in my car and talking…. some really good conversation… hand holding and cuddling. We haven’t kissed yet. I have been holding back on getting physical on purpose, and we talked about that too. I really look forward to spending more time with him. Of course, I have some reservations…he is 15 years older and a professional musician… but they are more minor. I’m just enjoying what we have for now.


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