Everyone Processes Differently

   Last night, my parents dog died. She had been sick for only a day or two, and they had taken her to the vet. He said she had a cold and gave her antibiotics.
   That dog was the only thing in this world that brought my dad joy anymore. He couldn’t care less about his family, but that damn dog got all of his affection.
   My mom loved the dog, too, although she never wanted it. The dog became as much hers as it was my dad’s over time. She developed a routine with the dog, and fondness grew.
   Both of my parents were affected by the sudden death of the dog, and both are dealing with it in different ways. My mom got rid of everything associated with the dog very quickly. She did not want any reminders of her around the house because it was too painful. My dad buried her in the back yard. He took her medicine and put it in the fridge. He went for their nightly walk without her. He needs to remember and be reminded of her.
   My dad is upset that my mom got rid of the dogs things so quickly. My mom is upset that my dad won’t throw her medicine away. They are both grieving, they are both processing in their own ways. I wish they could take a moment to comfort each other and to see the value in the way the other one is processing.


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