He Scares Me

The other day, I reopened one of my dating profiles. I had a brief conversation with a local man and then he suggested meeting that night. I agreed, and we met for some fro yo. I didn’t think I would really be interested, but we had really good conversation, and by the time I left I knew that I wanted to see him again.

Last night we had dinner, and again it went very well. Great conversation…. maybe too long since I was starting not to feel well. It got a little intense…he makes comments that I am just not ready for.

Today, I invited him over to take care of me. My daughter was staying with a friend, so the place was empty. He scares me, and I can’t tell if it’s in a good way or not yet. He shared some stories that give some insight into where he comes from. We all have issues… he had a dark time, but now it’s over. He pushes too hard- but he knows it. He laid some dark stories on me, and then packed it in. I don’t know what he’s thinking….I don’t quite know what I’m thinking….


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