What Have I Done?

I have plans Wednesday to see the Indian traveler from the other night. All night…in his hotel room. I’m quite looking forward to it, and Thursday he will be flying back home and I will probably never see him again.

Today, I got a message from a new Tinder match. After some brief conversation, we made tentative dinner plans for the weekend. I’ll be out of town, and he’ll be in the area as well. It sounded like it was meant to be. He is funny (a stand up comic), and seems interesting.

In the meantime, I decided to re-opened one of my dating profiles. Of course, I had a flurry of activity from that. I had a brief conversation with a man in my area who suggested meeting that night. I’m always game to meet sooner rather than later, so we had some fro yo and excellent conversation. He seems very keen, and I am definitely interested. We are supposed to have dinner tonight.

The thing is, I’d like a minute to explore my options. I have several conversations going on the dating sight, and I’d like a little time to see where they go. This guy, though- he’s all in already….and it makes me feel like a bad person to even want to explore other options. I had two other dates set before I talked to him….and conversations going. It’s kind of nuts to feel an obligation for monogamy after a single meet and greet! And at the same time, that says a lot about him as a person and it’s not something that I would let just slip away. I will have to tread very lightly here…


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