Feeling Stuck

   In lots of ways, I am feeling stuck right now. I’m stuck in between my ex- husband’s drama, getting prepared for another court case because he just can’t accept his responsibilities. I’m still stuck splitting my time, and now I’m stuck trying to find a local job. I’m stuck in a winter session class (halfway through!), and I’d kind of like to have sex, but since my kid is now always with me it makes that difficult.
   Half of me wants to cut loose, get drunk, and just have a blurry irresponsible night….but I can’t drink for health reasons. I guess it’s loneliness, stress, and just life. I miss having someone who actually cared how I was and am tempted to go back to online dating to get that feeling, but I know all too well what that entails. I’m not prepared for that, and I’m way too busy.


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