The Bullshit Meter is Ringing

I’ve been talking to a local man that I met through Tinder. There were some serious red flags (like the fact that he isn’t yet divorced, in the two years since they split he hasn’t dated at all, and he has a seven year old….), but I continued with the conversation because it was pleasant and my friend says I am too picky and give up before I should. We had dinner plans, which he had to cancel because he was sick. One evening he asked me to come down to the gym and meet him, do I did. We had a nice chat. Conversation continued, and he said he thought he was ready for a serious relationship again. Ok, fine. Except that there was something just not right….I could feel it. Tonight, he did the whole “meet me at the gym” thing again. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I was stressed and needed to work out anyway. We’re in communication up until I leave my house. I get to the gym and see a text asking if I am on my way, and two missed calls from him. I text him that I am there, and go inside. He’s not where I can see him. I thought maybe he had gone to shower. I jump on a treadmill and do my workout, texting him to let him know where I am. Half an hour later, he texts that he had called me to tell me that his daughter had called with an emergency and he had to leave the gym. Ok, fine- I understand that. But why the fuck would you call twice, not leave a voicemail and not text? It’s just inconsiderate and rude. Unless he makes up for it in a stellar way, I’m done. Tired of the guys who “think” they’re ready for a relationship…


8 thoughts on “The Bullshit Meter is Ringing

      1. Valid point. But that kind of random sudden completely unpredictable change in schedule doesn’t happen with a guy who is master of his own time.

        I still suspect another woman (his main woman, and probably wife) is in the picture.

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