Having Cake and Eating it too

Since my ex-husband suggested a visitation schedule (prompted by Kiddo’s refusal to spend any time at his house after his girlfriend’s attack on me), and I agreed, I asked him if he would sign an amendment to our divorce reflecting that. He said he would if I signed a letter stating that I wouldn’t use that change to change anything else in the order. He’s such a dumb ass. I was trying to get him to do it the easy way, but I’ll be glad to drag his ass back to court and do it that way. Visitation only is what Kiddo wants, and she has good reason. I have written proof that he agreed to it before he realized it would change child support payments. He really thought that he could go from 40% custody to visitation only and not pay any more in child support. All of the benefits and none of the repercussions….just like always.


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