Same Old Mr.Four-Hour-Lunch

I only had one free evening available, so that was the day Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch and I made plans for dinner and a movie. It was his suggestion, not mine. The few days before that, something was going on with his family but I never got the story of exactly what. The day of our date, I just had a feeling that something was up. Sure enough, he texted and said the police were looking for his son in law and that he was watching his grandson until they found him. We should have canceled at that point. Around 4pm, I asked him for an update. He said he was on his way to his daughter. I didn’t know what that really meant, so I asked for clarification. I heard nothing back. Again, he should have just canceled. I texted again around 8 and said we would just have to try again another day.
It sounded like a real emergency situation, and I totally understand that. I also understand that a quick text takes about 30 seconds to send. If we have plans and something is going on, it’s not OK with me to not hear back for hours. It stresses me out. I have planned my while day around our plans, and I have a hard time moving on to something else if I have plans. Waiting is an active event for me.
The thing is, I think that this can be worked out with him, and I think he is worth working through it….if we can just get some time together. He has been working less, but now he is working every day again. Part of me wants to just wait out this crazy moment in his life (but waiting is not my strong suit), part of me wants to sit him down and talk all this through,( and I know this would probably scare him away), and part of me wants to just push through this initial dating phase to something more serious, because if we were to the stage of sleepovers this would probably all be talked through on the pillow. The reality will probably be a mash up of the three, with something else thrown in.


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