I Should Stop…No, I Shouldn’t

I have a habbit of calling out “nice guys” on their sexist remarks. These nice guys often think that because their remarks are not as overt in their sexism, or because they are occasional, they are not really sexist……as if being less sexist is acceptable. What many people don’t understand is that sexism is about inequality. Either you see men and women as equally worthy humans, or you don’t. The rhetoric of sexism, the acts of sexism (rape culture, dumb blonde jokes, trophy wives, unequal wages, street harassment, etc) are a result of this inequality of thought. When you do not see someone as a fully versed person, it is easy to consider only their exterior, to feel that you deserve to do what you want to them because you want to, and to not consider their desires. When you see someone as less of a person, you do not trust their opinions (sufferage rights, anyone?), do not pay them as much for work, and do not give them the best jobs. Sexism is not about not having it all, it’s about equal opportunity to make those choices for ourselves.
I will not stop calling out “nice guys” on their sexist remarks (even though it narrows down my dating pool) because if I can get one nice guy to see that even a little sexism is unacceptable, then it will have been worth it. Plus, I could never date one of those slightly sexist guys, anyway.


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