Nice to Know

I always felt like if I were really in a jam, I could count on the police. I no longer feel that way. When I picked my daughter up at her dad’s today, his girlfriend went ballistic and I had to call 911. She opened my car door and tried to get me out of the car, she screamed and yelled and threatened to kill me. The dispatch officer knew what was going on, told me an officer was on the way….and hung up with me. After 10 more minutes (most of which she spent screaming at me through the screen door)….and in which time she came back out, screamed and yelled some more and banged on the windows again….no car showed. I decided to drive to the police station to file a report instead. The station was closed….when I called the station they said they had a car en route ( this was now about 30 minutes after the initial 911 call), but they could send the officer to my home to take the report instead). I’m still waiting, and now this is what we’re doing for Christmas…. because it’s what has to be done to get the legal documentation to protect my child and myself.
File this under ‘things I never thought I’d have to do’


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