Merry F*ing Christmas!

It’s not enough that I kept it simple this year, planned ahead, and should have nothing to do at this point but relax….that’s not the way the universe works.
Thanks, Universe!
I heard back from my lawyer and he thinks I should file a restraining order against my ex-husband’s girlfriend and include my daughter as a protected person. As the girlfriend lives with my ex-husband (and he supports her- she doesn’t work), this would be quite a big deal.
I agree with my lawyer, and I don’t think this woman should be around my daughter….but this would bring about a huge shitstorm. I’m already fearful on a daily basis that she will damage my vehicle. I know she’s vindictive and childish, she has my ex-husband and my adult son to help with her bidding, and if the judge throws my daughter out of the restraining order, she may be subject to blowback. 
I’m gathering opinions and trying to decide the best course of action. Leave a comment if you have an opinion, similar experience, or advice….my ears are open


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