More Notes for Uber Users…

If you call an Uber and don’t have the proper child restraint for your child, you will be charged a cancellation fee. I had to drive to where you were, and cancel the ride or break the law. That’s on YOU.

Please know where you’re going. Either enter in the address, the location, or be able to give me turn by turn
directions. No, I don’t know “that place by the store”

Don’t ask me to pick up or drop you off in a red zone or bus stop…it’s illegal, and Uber won’t pay the ticket- I have to.

If you leave something in my car, open the app and click the help button. Select the ride where you lost your item, and Uber Help will get us in contact with one another. Really…. I don’t want your shit.

You can leave your app open and see  exactly where I am en route, and how long it should take me to arrive. Please don’t keep me waiting.


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