This morning I texted Bean just to say hi and told him to give me a call later if he wanted to. My phone rang almost immediately. Assurances…I Iike that. I must have worried him….he asked what was up. Of course, nothing was up. I just wanted to connect, to hear his voice and make sure he was where I left him. His voice sounded great, and he was right where I left him. He only had a couple minutes to talk, so I really appreciated his call. He’s been letting me in on his crazy schedule, a little at a time. It’s a good thing that I have some flexibility, because his schedule is bananas.
I felt like I didn’t have to say that I was frustrated and concerned by not hearing more from him, but that he understood and reassured me. We have different communication styles, but he seems aware of that and proactive in giving me what I need. He’s very sweet…. that’s the word that comes to me again and again when I think of him.


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