Testing the Waters

I was hoping to get a text from my new friend yesterday (hmmm….he needs a nickname). After the first time you are intimate, I always feel like there’s a question left in the air. I hadn’t heard from him all day ( he was at work), so in the evening I sent him a text. We went back and forth a couple times just joking around, and I still wasn’t really sure where he was at with things ( which being a little bit of a control freak, I don’t like). He was at his brothers, so I let the conversation go and went to bed. When I woke up to use the bathroom at midnight I noticed my phone was lit up….I had three missed calls. He must have called me on his way home, or after he had gotten home. Not just once, but three times…..OK, I think he likes me too. *Big sloppy grin*


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