Ladies- are Paid Dating Sites any better??

Set up a new profile at one of the free sites yesterday, and am already regretting it. 90% of the messages (that aren’t scammers) say something about my physical appearance, and the rest just say hi. I guess I have hopes for this particular site because it’s where I met my ex-boyfriend….but now I remember why I left…why I always leave.

What do you think- are paid sites any better? Is there less of this stuff to wade through? What’s your experience been and what sites did you use??


7 thoughts on “Ladies- are Paid Dating Sites any better??

  1. The only paid site I used was Match. I met someone the day after I signed up. He seemed normal. I liked him. After a month, he told me we weren’t a match and disappeared forever. I met the guy I’m seeing now, on Tinder. I’m not sure any are “better”. If guys are jerks with money, they’ll pay.


  2. I’m a bit of a Negative Nancy when it comes to this topic (which is weird considering I’m pretty much positive in EVERY other area of life). So my answer is a simple, no. Paid or unpaid, it seems to be the same sea of disappointment. The argument could be made that my standards are too high, but I’m perfectly fine with that. I’d rather have high standards sans man than low standards that lead to major regrets and a pain in my ass. šŸ˜‰

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  3. From a mans perspective paid sites are the only way to go. The freebie’s seem to be littered with flakes and women using it for entertainment / ego boost purposes of getting 120 messages a day from leg humpers. This is usually not the case with a paid site, which is why a lot of women “don’t like them”.

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