Dating….Not Dating…

I keep saying that I’m not really dating right now…but when I stop and think about it, I met three new people this week and had plans with one more that got cancelled. That’s a lot of dates for someone who isn’t really dating!

Meet one was a Tinder match. He’s a long haul trucker and we had lunch when he was stopped in my area. It was fine. He was nice enough. If he asked, I’d see him again, but I don’t expect to hear from him.

The second meet was another Tinder match. He was a psychiatrist from New York and in town for a conference. We met up at a tapas bar, and had a drink and a nosh. Took a walk and talked. I felt bad that I had made him Uber out and offered to drive him back to his hotel. Nice hotel room, wish I had time to enjoy it more. This guy kissed without using his tongue at all…who does that?! It was weird. He wanted me to come back the next night, but I already made plans with…

The Counselor. I picked him up for an Uber ride and we got to chatting. He left me his card, and I texted him the next day. We were going to meet at a bar, but it was getting late…then he convinced me to come to his place. We just chatted and had a drink. He said he hadn’t even met a woman for a drink in four years. It made me sad- people aren’t meant to be alone. But, his bathroom was kind of gross. What is it with men and dirty bathrooms??

The one that got cancelled was with Derby Guy. We text a lot and have met up a couple times. I was hoping for a Date date this weekend, but settled for lunch at Ikea today. Just as we were making plans, he disappeared. I got really frustrated, especially since we were originally going to have lunch the other day and just as we were making plans he suddenly had to go in to work. So, he’s dead to me. Can’t abide fakers and flakes.

I’d be willing to see the Counselor again, bathroom notwithstanding. I think that what makes me feel like I am not really dating is that I’m not getting caught up emotionally with any of these guys. Like if I’m not all in a tizzy about the guy, it doesn’t really count. It’s kind of weird that emotional roller coaster ME is not getting caught up, but I’m not.


2 thoughts on “Dating….Not Dating…

  1. You do have quite a lot of dates! I can see how it would be hard to not get impatient, but when the person comes around that you really won’t want to be without, you’ll know.

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