Accessory to Crime

As a daytime Uber driver, I see some weird shit. I’ve had couples break up in my car, taken people to visit spouses in prison, taken people to the doctor and hospital, to court dates, and driven lots of hungover people home the morning after.

Yesterday was a first, though. I picked up two college girls from student housing. They seemed like nice girls- very friendly. We chatted along the route. When I had confirmed the address, one girl said they were going to that address, and then coming right back. Ok, I thought….I have had people call me to go pick up left items before, so not entirely unusual. When we get to the location, there is a young man standing outside, waiting. I thought that maybe we were picking him up and taking him back to campus.

Before I realized what was going on, he walked over to the car and there was an exchange made….I can’t say what exactly was exchanged, because I didn’t see it, but I can imagine. During the ride, one of the girls had been counting out change. What kind of drugs can you buy with loose change? Maybe Ritalin or something?? I have no idea. I probably don’t want to know. What I do know is that this activity was decidedly NOT OK with me! Do no ask me to drive you to your drug deals!! Now I have to be careful of this kind of thing as well. I thought it was bad enough that  I have to fight with passengers about seatbelts and carseats and not stopping in the middle of the street, but this is insane. She’s the only person I ever gave a one star rating to, but it was well deserved.


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