Planning for the Future

Today, I saw a guidance counselor at school. I left his office feeling very depressed indeed. The school that I was planning on transferring to requires several additional math/science classes (not my faves) for my major because their program is research based. I’m not planning on going into research, and don’t really think that adding an extra year to my timeline will do me any good. Honest to god, the thought of extra math classes made me tear up.

So, what now? There are plenty of other schools around, and I really wasn’t set on that one. Actually, I’m not really set on that major, either. I’m not convinced that going into a Masters program at my age is a good idea at all. Half of me thinks that it is entirely pointless. I’m going to start a career in my 50’s?

But if not, what then? I wish that I could say I’d meet a nice man, settle down and go back to being a housewife, but I really don’t see that as an option. I hardly think that I’m picky, considering the men I’ve dated, but I can’t seem to meet anyone who really interests me. Maybe I’m not really interested in a relationship right now. Hell, I’m not all that interested in life right now….


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