The best part of waking up at home, of course, is the cat. Before I open my eyes I can feel the vibrations of her out against me. The next best thing, though, is that I can open my eyes and immediately look up and see my plant.
   I’m pretty sure that the love I have for my plants is unnatural. Or maybe all plant owners feel like this. I’ve never been able to keep plants alive before, so I am incredibly proud whenever I see my plants. I take note of each new leaf, and the length of their creepers.
   I put a lot of thought into exactly which plants to get, how to pot them and where to put them. I decided on simple Terra cotta pots so that there would be a uniform look throughout the house. The plant in my bedroom needed to hang ( because of the cat- she eats everything). I carefully chose white twine to craft a simple plant hanger, so that the plant itself stood out rather than the hanger.
   Each week, I carefully examine the plants….taking off any dead or dying matter, checking the soil and examining the pot. I carefully add just enough water that it begins to drain, but not more. I probably spend quote a bit of time just looking at my plants if I were to add it up.
   I first got plants because my Kiddo wanted them. I’m so glad I did. They add so much, not just to my house but to my life. I want lots more plants, but I will go about adding them carefully. They become a part of our home and family.


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