India Gets Ooey Gooey

  India….what do I even say about this guy? He calls me every day…asks my opinion about the business he’s trying to start, and calls me Dear. The other night he said sometimes he feels like telling me he loves me. He knew well enough not to just say he loves me, but still. We don’t see a lot of each other, but I don’t have a lot of free time. If we can manage a couple hours one night a week, I’m good, as long as there’s a bed involved. He doesn’t seem to be able to muster that, though. He seems to be feeling bad about it, but what I don’t get it that he knew his schedule and situation before he started looking for someone. He pulled the old “I’m not looking for anyone else, but don’t let me stop you” routine. I don’t know if he expected to hear me stop him and say I wasn’t looking anymore either, but that wasn’t going to happen. We were trying to coordinate schedules for tonight, but I told him we should both just go to bed early. How did I find the one married guy who can’t have a casual relationship?


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