Stolen Moments

   Weekends are kind of crazy for me. Being an Uber driver, I never know exactly where I will end up or what my hours will look like. This is part of why my thing with India works for me. I don’t have regular time to devote to someone right now, so I can’t expect that in return.
   I didn’t expect to see India this weekend because he hasn’t been feeling well. Weekends are hard for him, anyway because he doesn’t see his family much during the week. Last night I cut off work early, took myself to a movie, and settled into a hot bath.
   When I got out of the bath, there was a missed call from India. I called him back, and within a few minutes he was asking if he could come see me. I was feeling the need for some human contact, so I wasn’t about to turn that request down.
   When he was close, I headed out in my car to find a secluded parking lot. I didn’t want to be seen making out in his car in front of my parents house.
   It was really nice to see him…to smell him, and to feel him against me. It had been a couple weeks since I had seen him, and I was craving intimacy. I don’t think that coupled people can understand how it affects you to go from having an intimate relationship to nothing. It’s not the lack of sex, it’s the loss of human touch, the feeling of caring, and the act of sharing. There’s a void, and it messes with your head.
   I enjoy India, and I had missed his presence. Things got carried away, and soon we were acting like a couple of teenagers at the drive in. Yes, in the car…it actually wasn’t that bad, but we agreed that it shouldn’t happen there again. Sometimes I feel bad for India that he has to figure out and balance all of this shit….but that’s his circus, those are his monkeys….


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