I wrote about The Arguer, but from now on he’ll be Derby Guy, because he officiates roller derby. We met on Tinder, and had a nice lunch. We’re both Uber drivers, so we connected over that. After several days of texting, I didn’t hear from him for a couple days. I’ve had it done so often that I always assume after a couple days that it’s ghosting. I had mentally moved on.
   Yesterday he texted me. Totally normal….obviously, nothing had happened in his head (while in mine, in typical girl fashion- I had written a novel where we had already formed a relationship, broken up, and I’d runaway with a handsome Canadian blogger  and started a new life…) So then I have to get my head back to reality…we met once, and he’s obviously interested in keeping in contact. I can tell that he’s going to be slow as molasses with everything. I guess it’s good to know that going in. When I originally swiped him, it was because I recognized his photo. We’d talked several times on different dating sites over the last couple years. It never went anywhere, but he always seemed like a nice guy. His first message said “This is a pleasant surprise”… I assumed that meant he remembered me as well. I finally asked, and no he didn’t. I said I guess I didn’t make much of an impression, and he said something about how I had this time. So…he’s made that pretty clear, but he hasn’t mentioned seeing me again. I kind of like it when I’m not really into a guy who is pursuing me, because then I can actually hang back and let him do the heavy lifting like he’s “supposed to”. And I hate that I’m supposed to just let him. I guess I am too aggressive for a woman. I’ve been called intense. It’s not a compliment….


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