For the Love of Friends

   I hate friend drama, but I think I inadvertently stepped into it this time. My friend B had invited me to Thanksgiving eons ago, both of us thinking that I would be with family since my sister is back in the state….but it turns out that sis is out of state for the holiday and kiddo’s new vegan diet is too much for my folks to accommodate (my decision, not theirs) so I told B that I would come. Then my bestie asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving since she and her boyfriend will be all alone. Her kids will be with their dad, and they aren’t really on good terms with either of their families at the moment. She and her boyfriend are also friends with B, so I told B that she should invite them, too. They are having a huge group, so I figured two more would not be a big deal. B made some excuse about the boyfriend getting anxious in crowds, and…no invitation. See, here’s my problem- I take people at face value, and I shouldn’t. I told her not to over think it and just send the invite. They could always decline if they wanted. I took my bestie out to lunch yesterday for her birthday, and mentioned it. She immediately knew it wasn’t the truth and started thinking about it and got hurt feelings. If I had thought more about it, I wouldn’t have mentioned it to her. I felt like an idiot afterward. I didn’t realize that B was just making an excuse not to invite bestie and her boyfriend.

So, I made plans to be with bestie for the holiday. It will just be the four of us….we’ll split the cooking, enjoy a fire, and go in the spa after dinner. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me!

But then I had to tell B that I was not coming and was going to bestie’s instead. She acted nice, but I know that now her feelings are hurt. I told her we may stop by for desert, but I know that won’t happen. Kiddo wouldn’t be able to eat anything there, anyway.


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Friends

  1. Ah the woos of family holiday drama – it’s what the best movies are made of! 😦 So sorry your movie has already begun… if it’s any consolation, I’ll be dealing with that for Christmas. But try and keep the GOOD outlook you have, if even to rub off on the negative Nancy’s!


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