5 Things Your Uber Driver Wants You to Know

1) The pin you dropped may not have placed you exactly where you are, or even picked up your address.
It’s not uncommon for a driver to receive an address range (which can be as much as a whole block), a cryptic address (like 405 freeway), your neighbors address instead of yours, or  turn by turn directions that route us to a brick wall. Most drivers learn to figure out how to deal with these glitches, but sometimes it is very tricky to find you.

2) If you’ve requested an Uber, please keep your phone turned on and handy- and please answer it if we call you!
Because the GPS is not exact, many drivers will call a passenger to confirm their location. If we cannot find you, or contact you, we will have to cancel your ride. You can call or text us, too
Your app allows you to contact your driver once one has been assigned. If you are in a public place, I always appreciate a call or text letting me know just where you are. A simple text is actually preferable for me, but that may be personal. Remember- we are driving and try to keep communication minimal

3)This is my personal vehicle, not Ubers. Please be respectful and obey all laws.
I am responsible for any tickets my vehicle receives, so please wear your seatbelt and make sure your child is properly restrained in a car seat, don’t throw trash out of the windows or carry open containers of alcohol.

4) I may not be familiar with the area because I started my day 50 miles away from where I ended up.
Most of us follow the rides, so we start at home, or a popular location, and wherever we drop one passenger off we will wait nearby for the next call from a passenger. This means we may end up quite far from home, and may be unfamiliar with your neighborhood.

5) Those ratings are important to us….and we rate you, too
If our rating drops below a certain point, our driving privileges can be suspended. Also, our rating affects which calls go to us- higher rated drivers will get more calls, so it is very important to keep a high rating. We also rate passengers, and if you have a lower rating you may find it difficult to find a driver willing to accept your ride.


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