Silence is an Answer

   The other day, my ex-boyfriend liked one of my pictures on Instagram. That wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but he hasn’t liked anything on my social media for over a month- since we got in a fight. He didn’t like the picture of me, looking adorable as Rosie the Riveter on Halloween, or my cat…who actually liked him better than me….he liked the innocuous photo of my new succulent plant.
   It drove me crazy that there was this like with no explanation. It felt like him testing the waters… Seeing if I was still upset, even though he was the one who said he’d talk to me in a few days and then never did.
   I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I finally sent him a text that said if he wanted to contact me to do so directly, but continue to leave my social media alone like he had been. He never replied. I guess that’s as much answer as I needed…


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