Uber Attack

    As a driver myself, I have been watching the case of the attacked Uber driver with some curiosity. I have watched the video (not just the attack, but leading up to it). I wish the entire ride were available to see. The attack is brutal, and scary. But I can’t say that it’s completely without provocation.
   The driver picked the passenger up, knowing he was drunk. From the portion of the video I have seen, it is apparent that the address given by the passenger is not where he’s actually going, and he would need to give instructions. This isn’t uncommon. People will put in an address close to where they are going, and when you get close they will give you specific instructions verbally. This would be an issue if the passenger were too drunk to observe where you were or give directions in a timely manner. The driver takes his dashboard cam and turns it around to face the inside of the vehicle. I can only assume that he knows trouble is coming.
   The driver asks for clarification from the passenger, and was not satisfied with his ability to navigate. At one point, the driver takes a turn and the passenger slides from one side of the back seat to the other. When the driver decides to end the ride, he does not warn the passenger of what he is doing. He simply pulls over and tells the passenger to get out of the car, and he is not professional about it.
   I’m not saying that the driver deserved what happened- he definitely did not. I don’t think he handled the situation well, though. To take someone that drunk and put them in a situation where you are angering them is not a smart decision, especially when they are sitting in your car directly behind you.
   My friends are pointing to this video saying “See! Look!! You need pepper spray!” Spraying pepper spray in your own car is a recipe for disaster, and not something that I would risk. I’ve never felt unsafe at work, and I don’t work nights so that I minimize my time with drunks (yes, there are drunks in the daytime, too).
   The passenger (who was fired from his marketing job for Taco Bell) has come out with an interview apologizing and saying he doesn’t remember the incident. He is also facing a lawsuit from the driver, as well as up to a year of jail time. The driver is saying that he has physical and emotional issues from the attack. I don’t believe either.


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