Best First Fight

   Not even really a fight, but I had a….miscommunication shall we say, with India yesterday. We arranged to meet at a Starbucks to talk in person today, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.
   First there was some small talk. After we were comfortable and re-connected, India looked at me and said “Yesterday was no good”. I was a little surprised, as my partners are usually avoiders. I agreed and suggested talking about it. He told me to go first, and settled back to listen. More surprise, as the night before he had interrupted me and not let me talk. I had a hard time saying my piece, not only because it’s just difficult for me to talk about my emotions but also because he was looking so adorable and smelling so nice, and I was wanting to feel his hands on me so much….
I said my piece, he said his piece, we agreed on strategies to help avoid this in future, and went on to have a very nice visit. At the end of our time, India said that the next time we saw each other he wanted to talk about what was happening with us. We’ll see what he has to say!


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