The Indian

   When I met India, I didn’t really know what to think. He was cute, we had a connection, and we had some fun. I wasn’t sure if I would hear from him again, but I did the very next day. He wanted to know how I had felt about the night before. That’s when I started thinking he might be more serious than I had thought.
   He’s not much of a texter, but he has a long drive when there’s traffic and he calls me twice a day. I enjoy our conversations, but sometimes he can be difficult to understand. I told him that I am going to improve his English so that I can understand him better…he actually thanked me for this.
   He had asked me when he could see me again and we had agreed on Friday. Unexpectedly, I had to stay home instead of going to work at my parents ( which is close to where he lives). When I told him this, he asked what I would think of him coming to me instead. Of course I said yes. He will have a long drive in heavy traffic, so I really appreciate the effort. He’s also not feeling well so I told him that I would take care of him if he’s still sick. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again.


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