Why Are These the Only Two Choices?

   In the world of online dating, you have to make a decision about your intentions. Some places, you have to check a box, but even if you are not using one of those sites you will quickly need to decide. One of the first questions you will be asked is what you’re looking for. The problem with this question is that there are only two answers, at least in the men I’ve encountered eyes. Either you’re looking for a serious relationship, or you’re looking for casual sex.
   Why are these the only two choices? Why can’t something casual just be dating and not just sex? I think it’s a problem for women of a certain age and not men. My friends are all coupled off, and I feel uncomfortable doing some things alone. I’d like someone to eat with, see a show with, grab drinks with, etc. I’m not looking to get married again (not anytime soon, anyway), but I want more than sex. I want companionship and conversations, I want a connection, and a little time. Is that just an impossibility these days?


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