It’s Complicated…

   My life right now is so complicated…
I spend Mon-Wed doing an online college class and being mom to my 16 year old. School runs, homework, errands, dinner…
Thursday mornings I get up early, pack a bag, leave a big bowl of food out for the cat, and drop the Kiddo off at school. They go to their dad’s after school and stay there until Sunday dinnertime. I drive an hour and a half down to my parents house, unload my stuff, then get back in the car and drive for Uber/Lyft for the rest of the day. I get up early on Fri/Sat and spend all day driving again. Sunday I may drive a little before driving back home …unpacking, doing laundry, and hitting the grocery store before Kiddo gets home.
Except for the third weekend of the month when Kiddo is home. I try to spend that weekend doing things with them and working on projects around the house.
   I’d love to have a relationship, but I can’t see how that would fit in to my crazy schedule, so I’ve hidden my profiles on the dating sites and deleted the aps. Except Tinder….I still have that.


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