Darkest Heart of India

   People keep telling me to go out and meet people in person. My complicated life makes that difficult, but I have heard them and understand. Most of my weekends are now spent working at my parents house, and hour and a half drive from where I live. I decided to check out Meet Up in that area, since that is where I am when I have free evenings.
   Last night, they were having a big Singles Dance Party in the area. Ok, I thought…here’s my chance to meet single people in the area. I was a little nervous, but I got myself cute and went alone. As soon as I walked in, I was disappointed. The DJ was playing music from the 50’s, and most of the men were in their 60’s. I headed straight to the bar. I was going to need a strong drink if I wasn’t going to immediately walk back out the door. I circled the room to find an empty table. On my way across the room, I noticed one handsome man who was close in age. I saw that he also noticed me. I sat down and drank my Long Island Iced Tea as quickly as I could stand. I noticed that for a singles party, there seemed to be a lot of couples. There had been speed dating earlier, and maybe people coupled up then. The drink started hitting me, and the DJ started playing better music. Even though I was sitting alone, I was enjoying watching the dancers (one thing about older men is that many know how to really dance. They were twirling, spinning, and dipping all over the floor. My handsome friend had disappeared from his table, and now he appeared at mine. He sat down next to me and introduced himself He sounded Indian from his accent, and he was even more adorable up close.
   He chatted me up with small talk. The drink loosened me enough to enjoy it. He was sort of sweet and charming. Chatting led to arm stroking… hugging, and kissing. Before I knew it, we were in the back seat of his car with his hand up my top. He said that he wanted to make love to me, and we decided to find a hotel.
   I really enjoyed my evening with him and he was very sweet. His exotic roots make him interesting, although I can see how complicated he would also be. He was shocked at my tattoo…he has small children….
I don’t know if I will see or hear from India again, but I am open to it.


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