Hard Ass

   In the dating sites/apps, I am a hard ass….
If you have no photo, or a photo of something other than your face, I won’t respond. If your message just says “hi” or “how are you?” I won’t respond. If there’s a ‘deal breaker’ in your profile- like it says that you want  kids, I won’t respond. If your profile is all negative, or doesn’t really say anything about you, I won’t respond. If you address me with some nickname or cutsey adjective- I won’t respond. If you send me a message and I don’t respond, then you send me a second message I will block your messages.
   This all may sound harsh, but there are just so many people on these sites who are not serious that I have found the need to really weed people out. Unfortunately, it means that I am weeding out most of the men in my area. Then I get depressed and think about the men I dated before…. and I remember what train wrecks they were and why I stopped seeing them. Weeding out is a good thing. Some people will say it’s a numbers game, but I think that only works in big cities. I only need one!


3 thoughts on “Hard Ass

  1. I totally agree with all your criteria. When I’m online, I have most of them too. You have to. The first meeting in your home is a new one for me, though. I’ve never had that experience. I’m going to ask my girlfriends about that one, if they’ve had that happen. I’m curious to know how the guys who suggest that respond when you tell them no or don’t respond to them.

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