Hold the Phone

   I have been talking to Redd non-stop since we met. As luck would have it, I am also talking to several other men that I was interested in. Now I’m in a pickle, because Redd is rather old fashioned and very relationship minded, and I really like him. He hasn’t done the online dating, and was very blunt about asking about my other activities. I was very honest in my answers, and I could tell it bothered him.
   I think he is like me, because he said we were cool and then several hours later we had a big discussion about it. He’s not cool with it. In his mind, we are already dating. He wants my full attention, and I have his. I understand this, and I am working to remove my other ties. The only real problem is Beanpole, but I am going to be honest with him and see if we can just remain friends…which is all we really are anyway.
  Redd says he is really serious about me, and I believe him. He reminds me of my ex- boyfriend in that way. In several good ways, actually. It’s kind of crazy, but I think it’s worth giving a real chance.


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