First Kisses are the Best

   Yesterday, I was feeling restless and like I wanted to get into trouble. “Don’t do it” my friend said “It’s never worth it, we’re too old”. I ignored the advice and put out my feelers to see what was available. I saw a new profile on the dating site- close to where I happened to be. I sent him a message. He responded fairly quickly and we struck up a conversation. He suggested meeting, and I suggested dinner. I hate eating alone.
   His pictures did not do him justice. He was adorable in person, and looked more fit than in his photos. He was sweet, in a manly way, and a deep thinker. We found quite a lot in common to talk about. After dinner he suggested a walk at a nearby park.
   The air was still warm enough to be comfortable outside. We walked a little, sat and talked a lot, then we kissed a little. He is one of those touchy-feely guys who runs his fingers through your hairs, or trails them down your arm. It felt really nice. We left the park, and made out like teenagers in the car. He is a talker…he would kiss me, and then say that my skin felt smooth as silk, that I was so soft and feminine, that he thought I was cool. It was great for my self esteem. Who doesn’t need a little boost now and then? He was very keen to see me again, but I won’t be in the area again for two weeks. We made plans for a bonfire on the beach next time.


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