Mercury is in Retrograde, and I was Mean

   I am not, generally, a mean girl. I did not tease other girls in high school, I never flirt with someone’s husband, and I don’t do something just to watch someone in pain….usually. But Mercury is in Retrograde, and today I was a mean girl. In my defense, he deserved it.
   A few months back, I was in Austin on business. I was swiping the locals, and matched someone from my own state also in town on business for the week. He was staying just down the road from me, so he came to the bar at my hotel and we met for a drink. He was cute, we got tipsy, made out, and made plans to see each other again before we left. He ended up jerking me around for the rest of the week, and I got mad and unmatched him.
   This morning, he came up on my Tinder- swiping in a nearby city. I swiped right for a lark, then I realized that I still had his number in my phone! I texted him that he had come up on my Tinder. He immediately asked where I was. When I told him that I would be driving right by his location, he asked if I wanted to stop and get naked.
   My first thought was what a douchebag he is…but then I decided to play him the way that he had played me. I spent the day telling him how much I wanted him, and couldn’t wait to see him. At first, I think he believed me, but after a while he was just playing me back. I was really hoping to get him all worked up and leave him flat, but just the fact that he took the bait at first was enough. He’s probably balls deep in some poor girl right now.


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