I no longer hear my neighbors dog. I have not heard him for several days, and although I hate to count my chickens before they hatch, I am hopeful. My biggest complaint about living here has been this dog. He is always outside, a large dog in a small backyard (just a patio, really). Their patio is littered with trash and excrement. I feel sorry for that dog, but even more sorry for myself that my small outside space is unusable.
    The dog is always outside. He watches us through the gaps in the fence. He is aggressive. All he sees is his, and he is pissed that we are on his property. If I open or shut a window or door or that side of the apartment, it sets him off barking. If I am in the kitchen making noise, it sets him off barking. God forbid I go onto my patio for any reason…he charges the fence and has a fit. He has pried boards loose in the fence pushing against them with his massive head. I have re-nailed them….he has pushed them loose again.
   If he is actually gone, my patio will become a usable space. I already have a plan in my head of what I would do. I would cover the old and unstable fencing with the reed fencing that you can get at home and garden centers. It’s not expensive, and would give a uniform look as well as some natural texture. I have a round table and some wicker chairs that would work nicely out there and give us a space for dining outside. I found a reasonably priced birdbath at the home and garden store last time I was there. My cat would be endlessly entertained watching the birds use that. I don’t want to plant anything in the ground, since I don’t know how long I will really be here, but I think that I could do a nice succulent garden in Terra cotta pots. If I just add them one at a time, they will fill in nicely over time. Maybe next summer I could add a hammock and fill in with rock. It’s a small area, so it wouldn’t use much.
……if the dog is actually gone…


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