I’m lying in bed, grateful that the Kiddo’s school has no Monday classes. Whoever decided that is brilliant. I’m wondering why my phone is so quiet, when suddenly it springs to life. I get the Good Morning from Beanpole, and continued conversations at the dating sites from guys I was talking to last night.
   I’m a little confused about Beanpole. He texts me every morning, and at least once more throughout the day, but he hasn’t set up another date. I don’t know if there’s anything there, and he has anxiety and bad dreams….
   Still no word from Whiskers. He may be doing the three day thing, or maybe I just didn’t do it for him. I don’t think he would have texted right afterward if he really hated me, though. So, I let him do the pursuing and continue to wait.
   No word from my Ex-Boyfriend yet, either. I noticed that he has a profile up on the dating site last night, which means that whatever it is with this girl is not serious. I’m trying to be strong and not contact him. I’m not really ready for it, anyway.
   I feel like I need another day laying in bed….luckily, the cat agrees!


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