First and Hopefully not Last Meet

   Whiskers fulfilled my hopes. I stopped on the way home last night and met him for ice cream (awww….he said it would be a cute first meet story). He is every bit as cute in real life- maybe even more so, because he was wearing a hat (swoon), and also smelled nice.
   He hugged me hello….and goodbye. We had decent conversation, which was difficult for me because the whole time I was thinking about how much I wanted to grab his beard and kiss him hard. He was more quiet and introverted than I imagined, and I liked that (being quiet and introverted myself).
   I had a hard time reading him….he had his arms crossed on his chest for a while, but we were outside and it was cooling off. I was very attracted, not just to him physically, but his whole person. I wasn’t sure what to think. I was telling a friend on the way home that I didn’t think he liked me, and then he did the ‘drive safe and it was nice meeting you’ text. I guess that now I just have to wait and see. I’d like to get my fingers into those whiskers at least once…


4 thoughts on “First and Hopefully not Last Meet

  1. I’d probably text w/in about 24 hours, but that’s just me. But, why can’t you text him? You could just say thank you for the date and that you enjoyed it very much. See what happens, you know? I’ve had women text me first after a date, I don’t think it’s that big a deal… (in fact, my now-girlfriend was the one who text me first after our first date)


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