How Many is too Many?

I am literally talking to so many men right now that I am having a hard time keeping them straight.
There is Beanpole…he’s the one I had dinner with last week, and it was ok.
Teach is odd, and I haven’t yet decided if that’s a good thing or not.
Mariner is similar to Teach but more serious.
And then there’s Whiskers. So, so adorable, and cool…witty, funny, and cultured in a hip way. He’s the one that I really want to meet.


9 thoughts on “How Many is too Many?

  1. Why is it that guys always come in batches? It was always that way with me. Lol I would have 3-5 guys at once, and then zero guys for a while. It’s hard to keep them straight, but what I did was take a couple weeks to talk to them all and try to identify as quickly as possible any deal breakers so I could sort through the herd faster. Lol I never spent more than a couple weeks talking to more than one guy.

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  2. Agree with Little (above) and I remember those times too. They DO come in batches and then you go through the dry spell or disappearance.
    Love that you give them nicknames, that was actually the funny part about all the online dating (well dating in general).
    But the not so fun part is trying to actually get them OFFLINE and in person…

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    1. I don’t seem to be having that problem with this bunch. I met one, have a coffee date with another, and the last two are already talking about meeting. My hope is that Whiskers trumps the rest, but we’ll see!

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  3. I can identify with this prob (well, not at this very moment but in the past). Here’s my question for you. My current dilemma is not TOO MANY men but getting ANY of them to agree to meet in person. Do you have that issue?
    Aaaaand just as I typed that I looked up and saw that Laura mentioned the same thing! Guess I’m not alone.


      1. VERY! Sometimes I’ll just bite the bullet and ask them out but the “old-fashioned” part of me gets mad and then I think it sets some sort of precedent that I’m the dominant one. As I type this, it’s becoming clear why I’m still single 😉

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  4. I am glad you have this problem! I haven’t even ran across ONE guy I think I could carry on a half-way decent converstaion in almost five years. I also haven’t been looking but, I figured at some point someone, anyone would come along. I don’t think you are talking to too many. I think it is great, you are exploring your options and also exploring the things you like and don’t like within yourself and that is never a bad idea. Best of luck!

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