When I was young, I had an aunt whose home was dripping with beautiful plants. It was the 70’s, so they were housed in beautiful hand thrown pots and hung in macrame plant hangers. I have always wanted to be a person who could grow lovely plants. My mother has plants- even complicated plants like violets. My aunt has amazingly long and lush plants. I should be able to grow plants, from a genetic standpoint, but I never have. I have tried on several occasions over my lifetime. I have read, talked to people, and visited nurseries. I have never been successful at growing a plant….until now.
   A couple of months ago, I bought two plants. One was a hanging Pothos, and the other was a lush Boston Fern. The Fern was gorgeous, but it was not a good fit for me from the start. I first tried it in the bathroom, since ferns are supposed to like humidity. My bathroom is tiny, and I had to keep the door closed to keep my cat from eating the Fern. It was summer, and the bathroom gets rather warm. It was too warm for the Fern and it began to look not so good. I moved the Fern to the top of the bookcase in the living room. It was not getting enough humidity, didn’t like that it’s leaves were touching everything, and I couldn’t seem to get the watering right. I began to use more plant food to combat the poor conditions for this plant, and ended up over- fertilizing it. Once I stopped killing it with kindness, it began to have a mold problem. In the end, I put it out in the sun to shrivel up and die. I know when I need to give up. This plant was just not a good fit for my desert climate and novice ability.
   The other plant, I repotted and put in a hanging plant holder over my bed. My place gets great filtered light throughout, and I enjoy seeing the greenery when I am lying in bed. It did take me a while to figure out how to water this plant correctly, but I have learned to feel the soil and only water when it needs it but to water more deeply. This plant was also subject to over fertilizing, but it has bounced back amazingly well. I see lots of new little leaves, and I was noticing today how much it has grown in the last couple of weeks. This plant was not the flashiest or most interesting looking at the nursery, but it is the one which was best suited to my climate and care abilities. It is growing well and makes me very happy. It enriches my life by helping to clean our air, and the cat doesn’t eat it. Pothos was the perfect fit plant for me. Now I just need a man who is like a Pothos.


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