The last week or so, my ex-boyfriend has been acting weird. He will text me, and when I text him back he won’t answer. Or when I text him he answers right away the first time and then not at all. This morning I texted him that I feel like he hates me. Yes, I was fishing, and I should have worded it different. Don’t judge.
   He said far from it, which made me happy, but then a thought occurred….historically, he does this when he’s interested in someone new, so I asked. No answer for hours. So I added that when he doesn’t answer, that’s how I feel ( like he hates me).
   I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and saw his answer…it broke my heart.
Yes, he is talking to someone knew. He feels the line between us is blurry, and that I crossed some boundary by asking about it. WTF if we are friends, and you change the way that you treat me, I can’t ask about it?? I honestly think it’s his guilt that caused the reaction, but he sounded angry and said he’d talk to me in a few days. We dated for nine months and he never got mad at me.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, Dear Readers!


2 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear, it sounds very painful and heartbreaking. I can certainly imagine, I’ve been in situations like that a few times myself.

    You were asking for thoughts, so here goes. Please take this with a total grain of salt, k? I don’t really know your situation in any detail or your history w/ your Ex. I don’t really know how you guys broke up, or who broke up with who.

    But it just strikes me that maybe you should just cut off contact for awhile. Don’t text him. Don’t contact him. I’m not saying be mean or anything like that … but just get away from him. Give yourself the time & space you need to heal.

    I’ve never been too fond of the “let’s be friends” type of breakup. I don’t actually think it works.

    But: maybe a little down the road … if this is something you decided you wanted to do … you could try reconciling with him. See where he’s at.

    I think it is also very possible that he might realize – if you take yourself out of the situation – he wakes up one day and realizes he misses you, and ends up contacting you first. That actually happens quite a lot. (Of course, if and when he contacts you, you may have already met someone else.)

    How does that resonate?

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